Fabulously Fruity now at Lincolnshire Co-op stores!

We are delighted to announce that the Lincolnshire Co-op has asked to stock our Fabulously Fruity range of fruit wine in their 77 stores across the county.  This is a great example of a major company sourcing local products.

We have been growing fruit at the farm for the past 30 years, for the ready picked and pick your own fresh fruit markets.  In 2012 we had such a glut of fruit we decided to put it good use and our own brand of fruit wines “Fabulously Fruity” was born!

We have a range of 12 wines: 6 standard varieties and 6 limited editions (these are available at different times of the year). Each bottle is 750ml in size.  All the fruit used in the wine is grown on the farm, so we work in food metres rather than food miles.

All the fruit is picked in the summer months (our elderflowers, apples, and sloes are picked when they come into season) and it takes roughly six months from picking the fruit to the finished bottle of wine being on the shelf.  Our recipes are tested and tweaked to make sure that the finished product is as good as gets when it reaches our customers.  We continue to try out new fruit varieties and different fruit types to develop new, innovative products.  Each bottle of wine has, dependant on the fruit used, roughly a pound of picked fruit in it.

Lincolnshire Co-op will be stocking strawberry, raspberry, gooseberry, blackcurrant, bramble and apple varieties throughout their stores.  We will also be providing them with special festive themed bottles to spread some Christmas cheer later in the year.

Our success in sending our fruit wines across the county has also been reported on in the local press with the Grimsby Evening Telegraph publishing a recent article.  The link to the articles can be found here: http://www.grimsbytelegraph.co.uk/Fabulously-fruity-choice-op-summer/story-21342107-detail/story.html

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