A Fabulously Fruity Sunny Weekend in Malton

Malton Food Festival

With the arrival of the good weather Fabulously Fruity has been out on the road once again. The bank holiday weekend is always a busy weekend and this one was no exception as we were supporting the fantastic two day Malton Food Festival.

The good news is that North Yorkshire enjoys Fabulously Fruity fruit wine based on the positive comments we received all weekend, and our sales of course! The folks of Malton seem to especially be fans of rhubarb wine as we managed to virtually sell out of it on the Saturday.


Fabulously Fruity Limited Editions

The sun shone (well most of the time), and people flocked to see, and taste, the vast array of different food and drink on sale. We took our full selection of fruit wine, and included a few of our specials including our limited edition plum wine. As with all our show stands we had a full fruit wine tasting available, and we were delighted that so many people stopped to sample the wine. With the festival open from 9am until 5pm there was barely time for the Fabulously Fruity team to grab a quick sandwich or cuppa!


Fruit Wine in Full Production!Fabulously Fruity Flowering Strawberry Plants

Meanwhile back on the farm the warm weather over the bank holiday has helped the production of the raw material for our fruit wine: the fruit! As you can see from the caption picture our strawberry plants are now full of flowers which will hopefully translate into plenty of juicy strawberries.

Ohensur berry bushes are also showing promise with bunches of green berries already hanging from the stems. We are now just hoping for the right combination of rain and sunshine to help it all along before the fruit season starts in a matter of weeks. Oh, and trying to keep those pesky chickens escaping from their fields and eating the lot!

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