Lincolnshire Show success

This Wednesday and Thursday saw Fabulously Fruity fruit wines’ first trip to the Lincolnshire Show – all 200 acres of it.  Whilst it might have been our first foray onto the showground, it was the Agricultural Society’s 131st show.

The food court was held in a series of tented avenues to allow visitors to stroll along and view some of the best produce Lincolnshire has to offer whilst giving protection in the event of rain (the weather round these parts can be unpredictable).  Luckily the rain proof qualities of the tents were not tested and instead they provided a degree of respite from a sun which blazed down on the showground for most of the two-day show.

Chilled fruit wine is the perfect accompaniment to a barbeque, picnic and indeed any outdoor summer event, so the weather helped to bring visitors to our stall and sample the wine. Our summer favourites such as Gooseberry, Apple, Raspberry, and, of course, Strawberry, proved especially popular with our samplers.

Reports back from our usual wine tasting were highly complimentary, with four people being so impressed that they each purchased a case of 6 bottles to take with them! We were also re-discovered by a number of people we had met at other shows and food fairs throughout 2015 who took the opportunity to re-stock their cellars with Fabulously Fruity fruit wine.

In addition to all this excitement we also ended up being interviewed by the local press with a great photo and brief interview with Peter appearing in the Grimsby Evening Telegraph.  Check out the full article and pictures here:

Two days of intense heat and frantic sales meant that we all appreciated a good barbeque and a glass of chilled wine (Fabulously Fruity Gooseberry if any of you are interested…).  Oh and no-one was late to bed!

If you want to know more about the Lincolnshire Show itself check out the website here:

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