One busy week ends and another one begins!

Time flies when you are busy and having fun! Work continues at a pace on the farm over the last few weeks. We were starting to become increasingly concerned about the lack of rainfall here in North East Lincolnshire, but the rainfall that accumulated last week was very welcome for all the fruit and other crops growing at Peaks Top Farm. Not only does it water the plants, it has soaked the fertiliser we have applied down into the soil to where the roots can use it. The rain will also make a lot of weeds germinate so we can remove them easily before the fruit develops.

The ‘Vibrant’ Strawberry!

Last week found us very busy finishing the strawberry planting for this year. At the Strawberry Fruit Grow Bagsbeginning of the week we planted approximately 4500 Vibrant strawberry plants in grow-bags on our table top growing system. Each bag has 10 plants in and 3 slits for the irrigation system to go in. This is time consuming work as each bags needs ‘fluffing up’ as the peat inside becomes compacted, then insert the plants with a special tool. The bags are then loaded onto a trailer and taken round to the table tops. The table tops themselves are 4 very tight wires suspended on metal uprights about 4 feet off the ground. This system allows us to control the water and nutrient input, reduces weed and pest problems as well as being much easier to pick the fruit! Vibrant is a new variety for us at Peaks Top Farm so hopefully the plants will produce the expected yields that the breeders advertise.

‘Elegance’ Strawberries

Strawberry grow bags on the table tops

On Friday we also finished planting 2600 Elegance strawberry plant on the field growing area. These plants completed the strawberry bed we started last autumn. Although little fruit will be picked this year they will yield a full crop in 2016 which should help supply the demand of our Fabulously Fruity Strawberry wine!

The Nottinghamshire County Show

Saturday and Sunday saw us attend the first major county show of the year. The Nottinghamshire County show is held at the Newark Showground. Fabulously fruity wine had a stall in the new ‘Food Experience’ area along with many other great food producers, top chefs and cooking demonstrations. The 2 days were a great success with many people stopping and sampling our wine for the first time as well as regular customers returning to buy there favourite wine from our delicious range. Over the 2 days the undoubted favourite proved to be our limited edition Rhubarb wine. Both days our stock was sold out!

This weeks finds Fabulously Fruity wine moving onto the Beverley Local Produce Market on Wednesday, then the Castle Hill Farmers market in Lincoln on Saturday. We’re looking forward to it already!

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