Mead, Glorious Mead! Try Our Traditional Mead!

Peaks Top Farm have been producing and selling our range of natural fruit wines for over three years, but did you know about the new kid on the block?  In 2013 we decided to have a go at making traditional mead using honey from the bees that live on the farm. Surprisingly, as it often takes an attempt or two to get it right, it tasted lovely from the off. Our mead (with its fancy new label) made its début at our Peaks Top Farm Christmas Fayre last November and has sold very well since then.


Traditional Mead Takes Time!

We have a few bottles left but it is quickly becoming a collectors item!  Our traditional mead takes at least a year to ferment so it takes a long time to produce extra, in addition, our bee population has been struggling recently making the raw material.

To judge by the interest shown in our mead, and the recent number of newspaper articles on the subject, mead is having something of a renaissance in the UK.  A number of top restaurants have also started to include mead on their alcohol lists reflecting this current trend.

To whet your appetite for more mead here are some mead facts:

  • the name “mead” comes from the old English “meodu”;
  • it is created by fermenting honey with water (and sometimes additional fruits or spices);
  • mead is thought to be the oldest alcoholic beverage, with references to it found in literature dating back to 1700BC;
  • mead is often associated with monasteries in England as it was made as a by product of beekeeping;
  • a mead containing a fruit is known as a melomel;
  • a mead containing spices is known as a metheglin;
  • the term “honeymoon” dates back to pagan times when a bride and groom would drink mead for a month after their wedding!

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