April Begins!


The dry and mild weather pattern has continued for us in North East Lincolnshire at Peaks Top Farm. Ground conditions now are very dry on the surface which makes all our outdoor work on the fruit farm that much easier! Fortunately with the heavier type of soils we have at Peaks Top Farm, moisture content is not a problem below the surface so all our established crops have an ample supply of water. The mild weather along with lengthening daylight hours have also increased the soil temperature so growth of all of our fruit crops is proceeding nicely. This spring seems to have a different feel to it weather wise so far. We have experienced quite cool if not cold spring weather in the previous couple of years, with high pressure and north and easterly winds on our coast. Along with the dreaded risk of late spring night frosts which can cause major damage in our fruit crops. Fingers crossed this spring will continue with the milder theme!

Our new Elegance strawberry plants are all in the ground now. Planting was completed on schedule and the plants are already getting established. New, bright green leaves are appearing daily and looking very colourful against the brown background of their new home.

Elegance plants New Elegance strawberries 3-4-17

Elsewhere on the farm, our new winery is progressing nicely. Doors and windows are now in and plastering will be completed this week. After the plumbers and electricians have done their work, it will be down to us to complete the décor of the winery shop. If everything goes to plan our new shop unit will be open by the end of April. This will be dedicated to selling all the products we produce here at Peaks Top Farm, with the emphasis on displaying all of our wines. More details on opening times and tasting days will follow soon.

In April we are out and about selling our Fabulously Fruity Wine. Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th we are at the 10th Anniversary Food Festival at Marshalls Yard in Gainsborough. This will be an excellent 2 day festival with lots to see and do for all the family in the wonderful location of Marshalls Yard.

We have our 2 regular Farmers markets this month as well. Lincoln Castle Hill is on Saturday 15th April and Brigg is on Saturday 22nd. As always you can visit us on the farm to taste and buy all of our delicious fruit wines every Saturday from 12pm to 4pm.

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