Christmas Trees for sale at Peaks Top Farm

The countdown to Christmas is on and the centre piece of a great festive celebration has to be the perfect Christmas tree! Thoughts of Christmas at home or with friends always conjures up an image of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree in my mind. Whether its enjoying Christmas with children, family and friends or even travelling to meet family no home is complete without a real, freshly cut Christmas tree.

The lovely smell, texture and appearance of a real tree can’t be beaten. Here at Peaks Top Farm we can help you find that perfect real tree for your family Christmas. In the fields around Peaks Top Farm we have lots and lots of beautiful trees growing which would grace any home. Many of these trees are ready to be harvested for Christmas 2017.

We grow 2 types of Christmas tree at Peaks Top Farm. The Norway Spruce is what many people consider to be the “traditional” Christmas tree. It has small needles which vary in colour from light green to almost a blue-green and has a wonderful pine scent. Although Norway spruce trees don’t hold their needles as well as some other varieties the big difference with us at Peaks Top Farm is that we cut them fresh for you. Many Norway Spruce trees in shops will be cut a fortnight or more before you get them, thus reducing their life once in your house. We have lots of Norway spruce trees from 4 foot in height upwards. Our larger spruce trees are perfect if you have a higher ceiling, church’s, halls or as a specimen tree outside the house. We have some great reductions on our 10 foot plus trees, so please get in contact for more information. Our Norway Spruce trees are £5 per foot, measured to the last set of branches – not the tip of the tree.

The second variety of tree we grow at Peaks Top Farm is the increasingly popular Noordman Fir tree. These trees have much bigger needles than the spruce and also hold their needles for a lot longer. Generally they have a much darker green colour to them but do have some slight colour variations. We have Noordman firs from 5 foot in height up to 8 foot this year. Due to their slower growth rate they have a higher price of £7.50 per foot. Again these are measured to the last set of branches not the tip of the tree.

From Friday 1st December we will be open daily for tree sales from 10am. We will have a selection of freshly cut trees ready to take away in our shed or you can look round our fields to pick your own. If you wish to pick your own tree wellington boots or sturdy footwear is advised. Delivery is available on all trees at an extra £5 within a 5 mile radius of Peaks Top Farm.

If you wish to find out any more information please ring Peter on 07968955240 or follow us on Twitter @PeaksTopFarm for regular updates.

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