Fruit season is not far away!

After a really wet and miserable weekend here in North East Lincolnshire we can look forward to the start of our soft fruit season at Peaks Top Farm. Hopefully this will herald the start of summer and we will experience some warm sunny days. What’s better on a nice day than bringing the family out for a few hours and picking delicious fresh fruit to eat for your tea?

A whole year’s work goes into about 6 weeks actual picking time for our strawberries and other soft fruit. Prospects look good at the moment and hopefully all our hard work will pay off. The biggest factor in all of this is the weather and we have no control over what it will throw at us, so it’s time to keep our fingers crossed!

The strawberry crop looks very good at the moment. The fruit on the early varieties is forming well and starting to ripen. We expect to start picking by Friday 19th June.  The other varieties are at different stages of development so hopefully we will have a good spread of fruit to take us all the way to the end of July.

Gooseberries are hanging off the branches in such numbers that they are touching the floor! Each year our established bushes exceed our expectations but this year even the more recently planted bushes are full of fruit as well.

Raspberries are a couple of weeks away from the first being ready to pick. The amount of flowers and small berries forming on the rows of raspberries look amazing. If everything develops successfully this years raspberry crop will break the record of last year.

Red and blackcurrants look mixed at the moment. In one field the flowers look like they have suffered from some of the cold night temperatures we had a couple of weeks ago. The amount of fruit forming in relation to the amount of flowers is significantly less on the bushes. In the other field where there is more shelter, the currants looks a lot better. Both in number and size. Again we are looking at around the end of June before they will be ready to pick.

A proportion of all our fruit goes into making the various varieties of our Fabulously Fruity wine that we produce on the farm.

On the whole we are very hopeful for a good season. We will be open daily from Friday 19th June 10am – 5pm. Signs will be outside the farm when we are open and please ring us on 01472 812941 for up to date information on fruit picking.

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