Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2015! A year seems to pass in the blink of an eye these days (although I suspect this is a symptom of ageing!) and what a year it has been here on the farm.

Each season brings its own workload and tasks to complete. The early part of 2014 was spent doing all those jobs you ever seem to get round to in the busy summer months: mending, rebuilding, and tidying up. To ensure our fruit is as plentiful as ever we also had to undertake vast amounts of weeding and pruning amongst our fruit beds and apple trees. Keeping our hens happy and healthy is a year long job but we try and tempt them out even in the winter to ensure they get some fresh air and a chance to scratch and peck around in the fields.

Summer is always our busiest time and this year was no exception. To ensure we have the longest fruit season possible we have to carefully monitor the weather and keep budding fruit protected from frosts, and heavy rain. Conversely we also need to irrigate the fruit fields in spells of hot weather to make sure fruit doesn’t shrivel up. In addition to this we spend every available minute picking fruit, both for our ready picked fresh fruit sales, and to go into our “fabulously fruity” range of wines. As some wines need a pound or so of fruit per bottle you can appreciate just how much fruit has to be picked in a small space of time!

Our hens also get into their stride in the summer months as the long daylight hours result in increased egg laying. In between fruit picking we are running over to collect more eggs or re-home an “escapee” hen!

Wintertime is also a busy time with our sales of wine taking off in the run up to Christmas. This year we trialled our special 3 and 6 bottle gift packs which have proven so popular we plan to bring them back this year. The 22 and 23 November also saw our third “Fabulously Fruity” Christmas fayre and it was our biggest yet. We estimate that around 2000 people passed through over the weekend making all the hard work worthwhile.

We would like to thank all our customers both old and new for helping to make 2014 a great year for both the farm and our “Fabulously Fruity” wine. We wish you all a very happy and fruitful 2015.

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