New Year’s Resolutions

So it is a new year and a new start so the perfect time for making some resolutions. Here at the farm we are no different so here are our new year’s resolutions:

1. To continue to offer a great quality fruit wine to the good people of Grimsby, Cleethorpes and throughout Lincolnshire (and who knows, maybe the World!). For those of you who are new to our wine, we have been growing fruit on our farm just outside New Waltham for 30 years, and three years ago we decided to start making fruit wine. Our wine is made solely from fruit grown on the farm, and is brewed and bottled at source. Many fruit wines on the market are simply a basic white wine with fruit syrup added. All our “Fabulously Fruity” wines are made from fermenting the fruit to give a true fruit wine.

2. Get out and about around Lincolnshire. Last year we visited a number of farmers markets and country shows to sell our wine and to help us reach a winder audience. The majority of these were very successful (we did discover that teeming rain doesn’t bring customers out however) and we are planning more for 2015 to help our wine spread its wings. Watch this space for more information on upcoming events.

3. Make more wine! Whilst we have a bespoke winery on the farm it is getting more and more difficult to keep up with demand for our various “Fabulously Fruity” varieties. In 2014 Lincolnshire Co-OP started to stock our 6 standard varieties of wine in their Lincolnshire stores. In addition we have been out and about, as well as selling directly from the farm to our Grimsby and Cleethorpes customers. We are planning in increase production again in 2015 to ensure that we have enough stock to see us through to 2016.

So these are our “Fabulously Fruity” resolutions to see us through the next 12 months. Here’s hoping we stick to them!

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