Now we look forward to Spring!

Despite the recent cool weather here in North East Lincolnshire the feel of spring is in the air. How nice it is that the days are much lighter both in the morning and evenings. The warmth of the sun is more noticeable and just this weekend it was positively warm when you were sheltered from the wind! The onset of the spring season heralds a change in our work on the farm and gives us a chance to reflect on what we have done this winter.
We continue to expand the fruit growing area at Peaks Top Farm. Within our fruit growing business there is a constant cycle of replacing old stock with new. Now that we have such an increased demand for our PYO and ready picked fruit along with an ever increasing amount of fruit for our Fabulously Fruity wine, we need to make sure that in a less favourable growing year there is still enough to satisfy all requirements. This winter we have planted 6 rows of gooseberry bushes. Split between 3 varieties Pax, Invicta and Hinnonmaki Red. This will certainly go towards producing more of our superb Fabulously Fruity Gooseberry wine. Additional raspberries have been planted in our polytunnels and in the outdoor growing area. Main season Glen Ample and later season Octavia are the varieties of choice. Our cultivated blackberries have been supplemented with more Asterina plants, again to go into our Bramble wine. A new venture has been the planting of Duke blueberry bushes. These tasty berries with known health benefits will complement the rest of our fruit growing enterprise.
Moving into spring our focus will shift into controlling weeds as temperatures continue to rise and applying fertiliser to all the fruit. Soon our strawberries growing in bags will go back up on the tabletop growing system and our polytunnels will be covered with their plastic covers. There will be lots of work ahead but it is rewarding to see plants flourish with good husbandry.

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