Spring Strawberry Planting

We have just enjoyed 7 days of beautiful dry spring weather at Peaks Top Farm. Temperatures got up to 15 degrees in North East Lincolnshire on more than one occasion, coupled with the lengthening daylight the land out on the farm has dried up significantly.

This dry weather has just come at the right time and has enabled us to start our spring program of work on the fruit farm. Fertiliser has been applied to all strawberries, bush and cane fruit. This complex fertiliser of the 3 main elements (Nitrogen, Phosphate & Potassium) plus all trace elements such as Boron, Iron, Manganese and Zinc                     will give our crops the nutrients they need for strong, healthy growth. Although we aim to limit the use of chemicals on our fruit growing area, some weed control is absolutely necessary. Therefore the strawberry fields have been sprayed to prevent those pesky weeds overtaking!

Although a few showers are forecast between now and Friday 24th we are preparing an area of land for a new ‘bed’ of strawberries. Our beds are 15 metres wide to suit our machinery width and have 16 rows of plants per bed. So weather permitting on Friday we will be planting a variety of strawberry called Elegance. Elegance is a mid-late season variety, named after the elegant, bright and glossy berries it produces. Preparing the soil in the right way and careful planting this variety should do well here at Peaks Top Farm.

Otherwise work continues on the final stages of our new ‘Fabulously Fruity’ winery. The roof is being tiled as I write. Floors will be laid this week and windows fitted, then it will be the turn of the plumbers and electricians to start their work.

Last Saturday saw Fabulously Fruity at the Castle Hill, Lincoln Farmers market. It turned out to be a very successful day with lots of people visiting the city, especially the Castle and Cathedral. Many of which had the pleasure of free samples of our delicious fruit wine!

This Saturday 26th we are back at the Brigg Farmers market in the town centre. It’s a great farmers market, with lots of local farmers and producers selling quality produce.

Looking further ahead on Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th April Fabulously Fruity wine are at the 10th Anniversary of Marshalls Yard in Gainsborough. They are holding a 2 day Food and Drink festival to celebrate!


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