Strawberry Season begins!

After much anticipation, and continual worry about the weather, we are delighted to announce that we are now open for business. Strawberry business that is!  We have been walking the fields for a few weeks now hoping to spot signs of red to no avail.

Thankfully the great weather we have been having for the past week has really moved the ripening process along and now we are in the position where we almost have more strawberries than we can pick!

To make the most of the glut of fruit, and the weather to make picking it a pleasure and not a chore, we are up early every morning.  In addition to picking for sale we also need to pick enough for our wine production to last us until this time next year.  With nearly a pound of fruit going into every bottle we needed nearly 1000 pounds of strawberries last year to produce the wine we needed.  With our Fabulously Fruity range of natural fruit wine getting more and more popular we will need even more this year.

The wonderful weather has also brought out plenty of visitors to the farm who want to pick their own fruit.  It has been lovely to see families bringing their children after school, or at the weekend to pick (and no doubt eat a few) strawberries.  Not only does this help give younger children an appreciation of where food comes from it is great to see the sense of achievement on their faces as they bring back baskets laden with fruit.

We also have gooseberries ready for picking, although with their sharp thorns this is a much less pleasant process than strawberry picking.  For those of you who fancy a gooseberry pie or maybe a summery gooseberry fool, but do not want the attendant pain, we are selling ready picked punnets.

Ready picked strawberries are available for a mere £1.80 per punnet (or the special offer price of £5 for three punnets).  Each punnet is 1 pound of freshly picked fruit.  Pick your own strawberries can be picked at £1.30 per pound of fruit.

Come along and see us for a great morning, or afternoon out!



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