The Fruit Season is Nearly Upon Us!

How quickly time flies when you are having fun! Now we are in early summer we can still see our fruit is slightly behind in it’s growth after the cold spring we have experienced. Here in North East Lincolnshire we are vulnerable to the cold sea breezes from the North Sea, which can keep the temperatures lower near the coast. Sometimes there is a 4 or 5 degree difference between us and only a few miles inland! However the better weather has brought the fruit on apace and the warm sun, in between the rain has provided good growing conditions. These good conditions doesn’t only extend to our fruit. Our constant battle with weeds growing in and around our fruit continues almost on a daily basis!
All the preparatory work that goes into our fruit production at Peaks Top Farm culminates in the few short weeks we harvest our fruit. When all those lovely ripe berries are being picked, it’s the previous 6 months work and care that makes it possible. This is important in providing the quantity of fruit for our Pick Your Own and Ready Picked fruit sales and increasingly so, for the supply of fruit for our Fabulously Fruity wine production.
In the last few weeks the final important jobs have been carried out before our attention turns to the fruit harvest. All our outdoor grown strawberries have been weeded and then the straw laid around them, which acts as a mat for the berries to grow onto. The straw also helps in weed suppression and keeping moisture in the soil surface.

Redcurrant bushes 'drippping' with flowers!

Redcurrant bushes ‘drippping’ with flowers!

So far it looks like a bumper year for both black and redcurrants. All the bushes are heavily laden with flowers and small berries starting to form and the wonderful bees do their work in pollinating the flowers.

Our 5 raspberry poly tunnels were recovered 10 days ago. The covers will have an effect of forwarding the crop by increasing the temperature around the plants and importantly provide protection from any inclement weather for those delicate raspberries!

Aerial view of a raspberry tunnel

Aerial view of a raspberry tunnel

Now all we hope for is a fine 6 weeks of weather beginning roughly in the second week of June – we’ll keep our fingers crossed anyway!

Newly laid straw around the outdoor stawberries

Newly laid straw around the outdoor strawberries



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