The start of a new year!

For many people January isn’t a month they look forward to. The post Christmas blues, the cold weather, budgets may be a little tight and waistlines even tighter!

Here at Peaks Top Farm we are in full swing and are excited about the upcoming year. All aspects of our business carries on apace and the work we put in now will lead to a successful 2016. In the fruit fields we are finishing off the pruning of the bush and cane fruit. This would have normally been completed by now, but due to the unseasonably mild weather through the autumn and early winter the plants retained their leaves for longer and were actively growing later than usual. Last years canes will be cut out of the raspberries to allow the new ones to grow up and develop. The gooseberry and currant bushes will be lightly pruned to retain their shape and remove some of the older branches. General maintenance of the rest of the fruit growing area will take place. Posts and wires will be checked and the frames of our poly tunnels will be serviced to make sure everything is in order for when they are recovered.

The making of our Fabulously Fruity wine is at full capacity. With production being up to a year behind when the wine will actually be mature enough to sell, now is an important time to build a good stock up for late 2016. Our superb range of Lincolnshire fruit wine continues to go from strength to strength. Batches of all our delicious varieties of apple, blackcurrant, bramble, gooseberry, raspberry and strawberry wine are lightly fermenting or maturing as you read this. Some extra special limited edition wines are also quietly being produced to delight your tastebuds in 2016!

Our calendar of outside events and fairs we are attending with our Fabulously Fruity wine is starting to take shape. Several events we attended last year have already been confirmed for this year. Applications for some new shows are in the post and we are waiting for other applications to be released. Our regular attendance at the Lincoln, Castle Hill farmers market on the third Saturday of each month and the Brigg farmers market on the forth Saturday of each month will continue through 2016.

All in all, it will be an exciting, busy year that all of us at Peaks Top Farm will be looking forward to!

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