New Fabulously Fruity Winery

Fabulously fruity wine is now in its fourth trading year and has gone from strength to strength since we first launched it in 2012.

Our vision for the range of fruit wine we first produced was to complement our existing soft fruit business. There were two major ways in which it benefitted the ready picked and PYO we already had:

1) We reduced our fruit waste dramatically. All slight seconds graded out of ready picked sales, that could not be sold as perfect fruit went into wine production. Along with any excess fruit that would not have been picked previously & left in the field due to size, over ripeness etc. was picked and used.

2) It allowed us to effectively sell fruit in another form, 12 months of the year significantly helping to support and widen our business reach.

At Peaks Top Farm we are very conscious that customers are increasingly aware and want to know how and where the food and drink they consume is produced. Recent high profile breeches of food safety hasn’t helped consumer confidence and we have noticed an increasing demand to ‘buy local’. In this respect we guarantee 100% of the fruit in all our wine is grown at Peaks Top Farm. All our fruit is grown within a few hundred meters of where it is made into wine. The food miles and carbon footprint of our wine is virtually nil. No artificial flavours or colours go into Fabulously fruity wine, we just allow the pure natural flavour our the fruit come through in every variety of wine we make.

When we started, we converted an existing farm Winery building work 1building into a winery. This had a main production area, along with maturing, bottling and storage areas. Initially we were overwhelmed with the response to our wine. Within 18 months we realised that space for all aspects was tight for the level of production we required. As demand increased further, space was even more at a premium and became the limiting factor in the business expansion.

Around 12 months ago we decided that we needed a new winery. This one would have an area large enough to cope with significantly increasing production. Large purpose designed fruit storage, maturing and bottling rooms. The associated staff room facilities, secure storage for materials such as pallets of bottles, caps and boxes and most importantly a retail area for our wine.

Winery building work

Winery building work

I am pleased to say that this is 75% completed and fingers crossed by Easter the whole project will be completed. Once completed an update will be posted and further information will be published on our cheese and wine evenings!

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