One last wintery blast!

After such a positive start to spring with warm weather and good growing conditions at Peaks Top Farm, things have taken a sharp turn for the worse this week. But you always have to look for a silver lining to every big, black cloud!

The forecast was for much colder weather from Monday onwards – quite unseasonal for this late in April, however here on the coast in North East Lincolnshire we have escaped the coldest conditions. As I write this it’s only 5 degrees Celsius with a cold north westerly wind and heavy rain and sleet showers. Despite it being bitterly cold for the time of year as I said every cloud has a silver lining and you have to look for the positive in everything. This silver lining is that even with the low temperatures we haven’t actually had a night time frost. As the majority of our fruit crops are out in some stage of flowering at the moment a frost could be potentially damaging to fruit yields. The other good thing to come out of this change in the weather is that we have had the first significant rainfall for nearly a month. The rain over the last 24 hours will be enough to get into the soil and the root zone of our crops. This will boost plant growth and make the nutrients available for the roots to take up. With more rain forecast before the end of the week, unlike most people I won’t be complaining!

In the Fabulously Fruity winery work is continuing at a pace, both in terms of wine production and the final stages of building work. Our winery shop is nearly complete, so keep a look out for news on the official opening.

All our delicious varieties of fruit wine are in constant production. With an extremely busy year ahead our new winery with the increased capacity will satisfy the ever growing demand. Updates will be published soon on where you can find us but remember we are open for sales and tastings every Saturday 12-4pm.

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