Pumpkins at Peaks Top Farm

This year we are pleased to announce that we have grown our first crop of pumpkins at Peaks Top Farm. After many requests over the last couple of years we have gone ahead and the results are impressive!

In May we drilled an area of just over 1 acre in size with a variety of pumpkin called Jack O Lantern. Jack O Lantern is one of the main varieties used for Halloween and ideally suited for carving the pumpkin. Since may the plants have happily grown along to produce a great number of mature pumpkins. The pumpkins are now ripening and starting to turn bright orange so we can start to appreciate how many there are in the field.

We are planning to be open to the public to come to the farm and either pick your own pumpkins straight from the field or select from the ones we will have ready in the shop. We will be open daily to coincide with the October school half term. So from Saturday 19th October to Sunday 27th we will be open from 10am to 4pm. As long as the weather and supply of pumpkins are ok! This will provide a great opportunity to get out with the kids, get some fresh air AND have fun finding some pumpkins!

Prices will be based on size: £1 for a small pumpkin, £1.50 for a medium pumpkins and £2 for a large pumpkin.

If you would like to come before or after these times please or require further information email info@peakstopfarm.com as I’m sure we can accommodate you.

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